Sewell, NJ - January 11, 2014


About Push Pin Comics

Why the name Push Pin Comics?
I wanted to create a collection of mini comics, but I needed a name for the collection. I made a list (with some help from Dana) of adjectives and nouns then selected randomly from a hat.
How long will each mini comic be?
Around 8 to 10 pages maybe longer depending on the story.
Will these be available in print?
Yes! I will be selling them at conventions I attend. Once I have a total of 3 mini comics I will print those three comic together.

Comic Related

Materials and Programs
Computer paper, HP Scanner, my tablet and Photoshop

About the Author

Currently residing in Northern VA with her two fish(Van Gogh and Picasso), Monica or "MonMon" works as a graphic designer/web developer for a county site by day and a webcomic artist by night.

She attended Marywood University in Scranton, Pa where she earned her BA in graphic design and a minor in illustration.

Her hobbies consist of painting, drawing, baking, crafting and graphic design.

You may contact her at starsofnightxx [at] You may also find her on facebook, twitter and deviantart.